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Hannah Huffman

** Accepting New Clients **
Hey there! My name is Hannah, I’m excited to say my new home is at Blusky Salon.Having my own space gives us an opportunity to build even closer relationships, talk about anything under the Sun, and of course your hair!

After I graduated from Z hair academy I was a hair apprentice for a year, then moved to a professional salon for the past few years during that time I worked hard on my skills and I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Im organized, kind, reliable, and always ready for a change, if you are. I will take your hair experience to the next level. My hair expertise includes: Haircuts long, short or thick hair, highlights, color, balayage, and men’s hair. I would love to help you brighten up your look with some natural looking highlights or get rid of those annoying grays (sparkles) and give you a cut that works for you. I know the impact hair has on how you feel and how it can impact a person’s confidence so helping people look and feel their best inspires me everyday behind the chair. Not only is it empowering to help people feel they’re best but being a stylist allows me to connect with people I likely would not have crossed paths with otherwise.

I’m originally from california but I moved to Kansas for highschool! It comes out to be a shocker to everyone but I’m a big horse girl over here, I grew up owning two of them and they were my babies. I currently have two dogs that I rescued and they are my world. I love hanging with my friends, traveling and playing pool on my free time!

I’m so excited to give you the hair you always dreamed of!

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