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Kara Deghand

** Kara is not accepting new clients at this time**

I am living my dream as a professional hair stylist for 10 years. I went to cosmetology school at Z Hair Academy in 2006-2007 and then started working as an associate with Hair Experts Salon in Lawrence, KS. I then became an active, professional hair stylist, eventually moved to Kansas City and began working at Encounters Salon until 2017. It was a wonderful place to continue growing my hair styling career, which has brought me up to where I am today. I have made the best decision, career-wise, to start my own business and renting an awesome space at BluSky Salon and Suites. I am beyond excited to continue my journey here!

One thing that sustains my passion in the hair industry is the continuing education I’ve received. I am extremely grateful to have been able to take such amazing classes which keep me excited and current in the beauty industry!

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